Most Christians agree that the act of murder is intrinsically evil and disordered, while the one who commits it is worthy of saving. Our approach to the homosexual issue should be no different. Although the Catholic Church is often falsely accused of labeling the homosexual as an evil and disordered person, the Catechism (par. 2357-2359) makes it quite clear that the sinful acts, not the person, are to be condemned. What isn’t clear is why some Christians choose to ignore or reinterpret the inspired word of God on this subject. From the narrative in Genesis 18:20-19:13 to St. Paul’s words in Romans 1:26-28, homosexual acts are always described as an abomination to God, involving unnatural lust, and deserving of eternal punishment for the unrepentant sinner. (See also Lev. 18:22, Ezek. 16:49-50, 1 Cor 6:9-10, and verse 7 of the book of Jude).

The homosexual lifestyle is established by actions of choice. Although a person may not have chosen their homosexual tendencies, the choice to commit or not commit sinful acts is a conscious one. Regrettably there are many who, while embracing the sinner, condone the sinful acts and then criticize the Catholic Church for not being “loving enough” to change its teaching. What is missing from their rhetoric is the clear understanding that the Catholic Church (along with everyone else) does not have the authority to alter the moral teaching that homosexual acts are sinful. This is not a changeable Church practice or suggested discipline, but rather an unchangeable commandment from an unchanging God. To suggest otherwise is to not fully accept God’s inspired word from both the Bible and Sacred Tradition.

Don’t succumb to the “not loving enough” argument when discussing sinful behavior. God’s word is consistent and loving and is directed toward the salvation of souls. Make this your priority as well while realizing that it is the Lord, not man, who is the source of wisdom (Prov. 2:6-14). Continue to follow the teachings of the Catholic Church, solidly rooted in the inspired Word of God.

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